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OFFICE: “Redbank”, 2213 Taralga Road, Crookwell, NSW, 2583

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Combining independent analysis and objective management with the commitment of family farming.

How does it work?

Appoint members to your Farm Advisory Board with specific skills and an independent viewpoint.

1. The Board normally includes Chris, Craig, and two or three others who could be the farm owner (s), the farm manager, or other professionals with key skills.

2. Business analysis, budgeting and cash flow monitoring are undertaken.

3. Structured Board Meetings on a quarterly basis.

4. Business performance is reviewed, success celebrated, areas for improvement identified and planning completed for the coming period.

What are the Benefits?

1. Save time through improved planning and communication

2. Make more money by lifting production and monitoring costs

3. Make better decisions by combining skills and utilising independent points of view

4. Reduce stress by knowing your financial position, budget, and plan

5. Capture opportunities by "being ready"

6. Increase motivation & accountability by working as a team

What does AgriStrategies provide?

FARM Advisory Board