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Whether you are looking to expand your farming operation or to purchase your first farm, we can help you make the best decision. We will do our best to ensure that the investment will meet your needs and expectations. We are happy to look over any sized properties anywhere at any time if we can possibly get there.

We can undertake due diligence investigations to ensure that the property is what it is being marketed as, and appears to be a good investment. If optimum return on capital is your aim we can help you to understand the scope and opportunities within the farm business.

Package A:  Will the farm meet your operational needs?

We will advise you on the physical attributes of the farm like soil quality and fertility, pastures and their development potential, weeds, pests, water supply, erosion, and drainage. We will also provide information on the quality of the built structures like fences, roads, yards and sheds, that relate to the operation of a farm.

If relevant, we will advise on legal matters such as boundary fences and native vegetation clearing. Enterprises suitability will be addressed as well as any obvious production constraints such as soil structural problems or likely animal health issues.

Farm houses are not considered as they should be inspected by someone who is suitably qualified in that area.

Package B:  Will the farm be a good investment?

If optimum return on capital is your aim we can prepare a business analysis to help you to quickly consider a range of options, risks and possible outcomes. A document can be prepared for presentation to investors or financial institutions. If the property is purchased, an advisory board can be established to oversee management and ensure innovation, good strategic planning and governance.


Your privacy and confidentiality of information is our highest priority.