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1. Better Pastures - Better Profits (BP2)

About the training program:   Participants learn how to plan pasture improvement and manage pastures and livestock to get the best out of their investment. Delivered in 5 x 4 hr sessions or as one workshop series.


A. Paddock assessment. Soil, weed, pests

B. Correcting soil chemistry & nutrients

C. 5 steps to pasture establishment success

D. Grazing management for long term profit

E. Pasture economics- Making it pay

Cost per participant: $1700 (GST Excl) per workshop series (Max of 8 farms per group) or $380 (GST Excl) per farm per session (Max of 8).

2. Crop Club

About the training program: Farmers are guided through best practice agronomy planning, crop management, grazing management, and are helped to track financial returns from their grazing crops. Delivered as an initial farm inspection plus 3 x 4 hr sessions with field visits over the growing period.


• Paddock selection • Grazing management

• Agronomy planning • Calculating crop economics

• Using recording templates • Benchmarking outcomes

Cost per participant: $1100 (GST Excl) per farm (Max of 8).

3. Profitable weed control

About the training program:  This program focusses on one the unique problem presented by perennial grass weeds. The target audience is farmers and land managers generally. Delivered as 3 x 4 hr sessions including field visits.


• Know your enemy • 5 steps in weed control success

• Weed control economics • Weed control champions (Field visits)

Cost per participant: $850 (GST Excl) per farm (Max of 8).

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